Random Musings & Playing with Ideas

Ideas are meant to be played with & explored with open curiosity, without fear or obligation. These are the random musings of a busy mind growing mind. In a serendipitous set of circumstances I have been given an opportunity to build my site from a clean slate. As such I thought I would begin at the core of it all and convey my intentions and underlying motivations.

In this site I will be adding all the thoughts, ideas, reflections and musings that are contributing towards whatever future I am heading towards. I share these without expectation, for myself or for you the reader. What I ponder and explore is varied and unconstrained in nature or direction. Sometimes reflection of self, other times the written process of understanding other. I fully expect that what I share captures only one instance, one moment, of my thoughts. I should grow and change as I play with ideas and interact with this amazingly chaotic and beautiful world we share.

I know others view thoughts in far more concrete terms and that it can be difficult to understand how someone can play with and explore ideas different to your own sense of self. I have been told/seen that for some the idea that I could express a thought in one moment and then reshape it in another causes distress and distrust. We live in a world where our words are pinned down and can be brought back at any moment. A world where we often forget that people can and must be allowed to grow and change. My intention is not harm but to capture my own process of change. If what I say causes distress or hurt I am genuinely sorry as this is not my aim. I hope that you can take heart in the knowledge that my words are but one moment in a far longer journey of growth. And as such I am open to new understanding, sharing of experiences and being given the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective.

I can not/should not be everything to everyone. I am a very real & frankly insignificant example of humanity, sitting on a ball of crusted wet molten lava hurtling through space and time. So feel free to share and play with these random musings for yourself. Make of it what you will and take what is of value while disregarding the rest. Most of all have fun. Ideas can be powerful, they can spark revolutions or reshape the way we see the wold …. but most of the time they are just thoughts floating freely around curious minds waiting to be explored.

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