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Let me introduce myself

Autism Advisor | Research Scientist | Statistics Loving Weirdo | NEURODIVERSE | PARENT

Big Picture – I am “just a mum” trying to work out this business of being an adult. I am one teeny tiny little blip on the planet that will briefly flash in and out of existence as the universe continues to do its own thing. To me it is utterly fascinating watching life unfold and seeing the life paths of each person intertwine as connections form and we engage with each other – for better or worse. I remain an optimist, because I see on a daily basis examples of people trying to grow and change. I see humanity learning to question that which divides us and slowly adapting towards embracing our diversity and capacity to thrive.

Little Picture – I am a neurodiverse parent raising multiple neurodiverse children with a loving and supportive partner and co-parent under rather complex and overwhelming circumstances. I truly count myself lucky that I was able to marry and create a family with my best friend as this is not something everyone can do depending on your location or biological factors. Finding out we were raising an autistic child was ultimately the start of understanding who we are and what it all means to us. Deciding to accept, embrace, and adapt in order to become the parents our children needed is an ongoing process. Just as I think I’ve got a handle on things they grow and change and its back to square one again. Our family is anything but normal, and we like it that way.

What’s new

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My Work

Curious about what I do and who for? In hindsight I have followed a rather familiar employment and career pathway if you look at other neurodiverse individuals. I’m a little bit of a “Jill of all trades” and am willing to have a go at most things – body & mind willing.

My Research↗

My interest is psychology and the role of compassion on the mental health and well-being of those raising children with chronic conditions – developmentally and medically. Pulling together research from attachment theory, compassion science, and lived experience my current focus aims to identify effective ways of improving outcomes for parents at risk, while acknowledging the practical realities they face.

My Life ↗

From random musings, sharing helpful resources, through to simply having a laugh at the randomness that occurs out of the blue around here. Not going to lie this also helps my busy scattered brain locate cool things I have previously found.

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