Food and Mood Study

You are invited to complete a brief 12-minute survey that seeks to compare different dietary patterns and their relationship to mood.


If you are between 18-44 and are an Australian citizen or resident, then please click the link below and you will be directed to the survey. Followers of any diet type are welcome to take part (Omnivores, Vegans or Vegetarians).


The information you provide will contribute to the existing literature on dietary patterns, including plant-based diets and psychological outcomes. The results are intended to help CQU University honours researchers and society better understand associations between diet choices and mental health in Australian individuals.


The survey is anonymous, and therefore no personal identifying information will be collected. The survey information will be recorded and used to produce a research thesis. Informed consent is required and assumed to have been given if you choose to start the survey. This is a voluntary study and you can cease the survey at any time with no consequence.


Kind regards

Ryan Eather


Participate Now

Please consider participating in this research project. Ryan is a colleague of mine and we share a mutual supervisor (Associate Professor Talitha Best – Central Queensland University).