Is it wrong I’m thoroughly loving the shift to online events thanks to COVID???

“TEFOS, The Executive Function Online Summit, is a game-changer for parents. It features thought leaders in Executive Function, parenting, giftedness, twice-exceptional (2e) leaners, emotional regulation, social challenges, anxiety, learning differences, neurodiversity, and more.(Perler, 2020)1


Starts AUG 21

So I came across this link in one of my many Facebook groups and thought it looked cool. I’ve signed up to have a look and hopefully learn a little more about how the executive functioning side of my families challenges can be supported further.

Executive functioning can be impacted in many ways that cause extra friction along life’s journey as you have to work harder and try again and again to work against your inner limitations.

Clinical conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression to name a few all have components of reduced or impaired executive function.

NOTE: While effective executive functioning can indicate performance on aptitude and academic tasks it DOES NOT NECESSARILY INDICATE INTELLIGENCE!!!

I’ll say that again, your performance on a test is impacted by your executive functioning BUT it does not reflect your underlying ability.

Why do I make a big deal out of this? Long story short I have seen how an inability to plan out and handle standardized testing and assessment tasks (using your executive functioning capacity) can impair the actual results significantly. There are many intelligent and creative people out there who simply struggle with the basics.

Anyhow I’ve signed up to see what interesting tips and insights I can gain to help myself and those around me.

Executive Functioning Issues In Action:
In order to get to the point of posting this update I went through the following,
    1. Got big kids off to school with help of their support worker (she’s my saving grace at this point and deserves a medal IMO)
    2. Cleared and set up dining table to sew slip on couch covers.
    3. Put on kettle and checked out Facebook.
    4. Cool link, better register or I’ll forget…
    5. Ask Siri to set a reminder for me.
    6. New email came in about a great zoom session for the School of Graduate Research at CQU. Hmmm sounds good I’d better ask Siri to remind me to attend.
    7. Now where was I? Ah that link…. that should be shared as its kinda cool and useful for parents like me that struggle.
    8. Where did I put my coffee????
    9. Write, edit, fiddle around, look for coffee on my desk.
    10. Opps need to check on the little one who’s home sick, yep he is ok all good.
    11. Hit publish on post and check the new emails that came in, nothing new.
    12. Super Pup Paxton has come running through with something to chew on, ok buddy as long as your happy.
    13. Text from mum checking in on me…. I should get a coffee and call her.
    14. Stand up and see Paxton has located my scrap fabric – Oh yeah I was sewing a couch cover that’s right!

Positives are I located a cool online summit and registered, I also remembered or at least asked Siri to remember that I have a zoom workshop later on today. I also have shared this with others so perhaps they can benefit too so that’s a warm fuzzy feeling right there. The negatives are I have “wasted 3 hrs” of sewing time, I kinda sort of left my little one happily in bed with his iPad (1950’s housewife and super mum I am not), I still don’t have my coffee and now Paxton has chewed through some off cuts I wanted to use for other projects.

So there you go, that’s my life in a nut shell. 50 million thoughts and projects on the go. I can do awesome things but tend to get distracted, a lot. I’m now going to make myself walk through to check on Kid, collect an old doona from the cupboard, actually make my coffee and then go re thread my over locker and sewing machine while chatting to Mum. Wish me luck.

1Perler, S. (2020). Executive Function Summit - Executive Function Summit.