My Visualize Your Thesis 2020 for CQUniversity Entrance

My colleague Chantelle Clarke and I have both entered into the CQUniversity 2020 Visualize Your Thesis competition this year. While all the entries are fantastic I would appreciate some votes please for either of us as we try use compassion focused training to help the lives of our chosen population groups. Those with Lipoedema in Chantelle’s case and Parent’s raising one or more children with special needs in my case.

The prize is an additional $1500 towards our research budgets which can help in so many ways. Everything from project development through to conference presentations to help spread the word.

And while I am keen to get a little extra in the budget for my own project I am also rather impressed with the research being conducted by my peers. If you ever feel like there is no one out there who cares I have got to say otherwise. From exploring the needs of societies most vulnerable (both in aged and disability sectors) through to the practicalities of working in groups (let’s face it, group work can be a challenge). Have a look and see what CQU’s researchers are up to, and vote, don’t forget to vote.