SIDE NOTE: Even with years of telling my kids that they are perfect as is and don’t need to conform I still struggled for now over a week to post this message. The desire to belong and conform is strong and I am mostly doing this to lead by example. If I don’t want my kids to be ashamed of THEIR neurodiversity then I MUST ACCEPT my own.   One week ago today I went into an appointment terrified, even with a nice Psychiatrist it felt all to real and scary. I made the appointment to triple check the medications

Is it wrong I’m thoroughly loving the shift to online events thanks to COVID??? “TEFOS, The Executive Function Online Summit, is a game-changer for parents. It features thought leaders in Executive Function, parenting, giftedness, twice-exceptional (2e) leaners, emotional regulation, social challenges, anxiety, learning differences, neurodiversity, and more. “ – (Perler, 2020) VIEW MORE Starts AUG 21 So I came across this link in one of my many Facebook groups and thought it looked cool. I’ve signed up to have a look and hopefully learn a little more about how the executive functioning side of my families challenges can be supported