So curiosity has gotten the better of you hey? This is me, or me when I’m not head down in the books and ready to “people” as we call it @ our place anyway.


I use an avatar because frankly I don’t want to see my own face all over the place as I interact online. I know what I look like after all.


I’m a bit of a “Jill of all trades”, currently I’m a researcher, data analysis, disability support worker, web designer, programmer, mother and provisional PhD candidate.

In 2008 I started my journey into Motherhood. What I didn’t realize was this would also mark the start of my conscious journey into raising children within a neurodiverse family.  In our home this predominantly fits clinical labels of Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and more.

I say that it marks the start of the conscious journey because frankly neurodiverity was already a factor within our family, we just never understood ourselves enough to know that. I can only truly speak for myself but in hindsight it is no wonder that at this point in time 2/3 of our genetic offspring fall on the ASD side of life.

Over the early Mummy years I realized I spent way too much time reading research papers and devouring information without direction. As such I returned to my studies in Psychology and basically found I had to redo most of my undergraduate degree. On the upside I discovered I actually understand statistics and my once enemy had become an ally. Far from being my stumbling block it was now a tool I could use to explore the world around me.

As part of my Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (Honours) requirements I was given the support and freedom to conduct novel research into parenting and Autism. The results showed glimpses of something I feel is invaluable for other parents raising children in what I am classifying as High Demand Care-giving Environments (HDCE’s). The passion was sparked and I am now on my next journey into my own PhD research. I will still be pursuing my Masters alongside my research as I feel that combining both academic and practical aspects within the field is critical in becoming the best Psychologist I can be for my clients. The scientist-practitioner model is one that I have embraced deeply to say the least.

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Where I’ve been

My journey to this point has been one of ongoing growth and development where every hurdle and challenge has only deepened my understanding of self and my determination to persevere.

While I am in many ways “back where I started” this is not the case. My interest in the field of Psychology may have started back in my teens but my true appreciation of its role within the broader context only began once I had grown up a hell of a lot.

Every apparent detour came with priceless life lessons, and as much as I wish I could have done without the hard parts I am very aware that it helped shaped me.

You can see a brief rundown of my journey to date on my LinkedIn profile. Please contact me for further information or details if required.

Where I’m Going

(in no particular order)


  • Finishing my PhD into parenting attributes that support and sustain wellbeing and help seeking behaviour within HDCE’s
  • Completing my Masters (either clinical neuropsychology, clinical psychology or professional psychology – each “flavor” has its own rewards)
  • Working in multidisciplinary / interdisciplinary teams to conduct research into a variety of topics as I do love a good challenge.
  • Maintaining my role as the center point stability of my family while developing and encouraging growing independence
  • Learning to live within the limitations of my physical self and embracing all the good that I can, health and wellbeing for self matters too
  • Living to a ripe old age and living my life well right to the end, I’m in this for the long haul as there is so much explore
My Motivation


“at the end of the day, the best team of supports goes home. It’s you and your children and whatever you bring into that dynamic that will see you through.”

My Story