I’m a bit of a “Jill of all trades”, currently I’m a researcher, data analysis, disability support worker, web designer, programmer, mother and provisional PhD candidate.

While my own research is within the field of Psychology I have worked alongside others in a variety of research projects, principally in a statistical analysis role. You can find out more about my current projects and roles to the right.

This site is more than just an academic blog. It is a collection of my musings and online repository of those things that motivate and inspire me bot at work and in my own life. From collections of information of Fibromyalgia (which I have) through to the adventures of training an assistance/therapy dog from scratch – there really is a bit of everything.

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My Visualize Your Thesis 2020 for CQUniversity Entrance

My Visualize Your Thesis 2020 for CQUniversity Entrance My colleague Chantelle Clarke and I have both entered into the CQUniversity 2020 Visualize Your Thesis competition this year. While all the entries are fantastic I would appreciate some votes please for either of us as we try use compassion focused training to help the lives of our chosen population groups. Those with Lipoedema in Chantelle’s case and Parent’s raising one or more children with special needs in my case. The prize is an additional $1500 towards our research budgets which can help in so many ways. Everything from project development through


Participants needed for an acute guided imagery intervention and reaction times study.

  One of my colleagues is looking for a few more participants for their research project. If any of you were around for my honors research project you know just how much it means to get participants. If you have some time and can help please consider it. An acute guided imagery intervention and reaction times Research Study You are invited to participate in a CQUniversity honours research project that is investigating the influence of acute focused imagery interventions on reaction times. To participate, you are invited to complete a 15 min survey in which you will receive one of


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Personal Research

Building on my previous research I am extending the findings related to Compassion, Mindfulness, and Parenting. Through understanding how underlying parental attributes play a role in help seeking behaviour and wellbeing, this research aims to explore the validity and effectiveness of parent centered interventions for special needs families.

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Research Assistant

As part of a longitudinal study into the wellbeing of college students I am assisting in the analysis of data as collected. Tracking several facets of wellbeing alongside engagement in college activities this study is providing interesting insights into what contributes to wellbeing for young adults.

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Transitions Research Institute

Student Life Research focuses on research directly related to the understanding and wellbeing of emerging adults. The highly connected and globally conscious  world faced by today’s youth presents unique challenges to those trying to engage them in tertiary studies or the workplace.

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Paxton Super Pup in Training

With several family members with diagnosis that incorporate elements of social anxiety and sensory overwhelm there is a significant need for a well-trained and much loved psychiatric assistance dog/therapy dog. Due to the extensive wait lists and costs involved we have decided to embark on the DIY version. Follow Paxton’s journey as he goes from simply adorable puppy to irreplaceable family member.

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